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Blender For Refreshing Drinks: Find The Perfect Blender For You

Imagine a hot and sweaty day without a refreshing cool smoothie or juice to freshen up your body. It feels like hell, no? Fresh smoothies and juices are the most desired drink after a heavy workout or on a very hot day, they are the drinks that come to the rescue. We can not think about making smoothies or juices without having a blender. It is a perfect thing for you to make homemade smoothies, crushers, juices, etc. So if you are looking for something refreshing and cool, just get a blender and make your favorite refreshing drink.

Blenders are indeed a life-saving appliance for our everyday kitchen. It is the machine that we need for making various recipes that include blending or mixing the ingredient. From cold smoothies to hot soup, blender certainly smoothes out everything you put in. It is not quite a new appliance for us. For a long time, it has been our friend for easier and faster cooking. Since the early 20th century, the blender has been one of the most used kitchen appliances ever. Being invented by the famous Stevens Electric Company, the blender is now widely produced and sold by many household and kitchen appliance companies. A simple mechanism of powerful blades incorporating all the ingredients and making it to a liquefied form, a basic blender had a quite simpler function. Although, new technology and innovation have introduced more functions to a blender.

Blender For Home: Why Should You Buy One?

You can not just imagine how versatile it is! Although we are all aware of how functional it is. It is one of the kitchen appliances that we have been indeed dependent on. Every house has a blender, and if you don’t have it already, it’s high time you bought one. Without a blender, your cooking gets harder and complicated. You can do a range of tasks by a single blender. Like, everyone loves milkshakes and smoothies, don’t they? It is a must-have companion if you are among them. Besides, Cocktails, Margaritas, Frappuccinos, what can’t a blender make for you!

You can even make your cooking more easy and comfortable by making purées and blending your soups. Homemade Mayonnaise, Hollandaise Sauce, Salsas and Nut Butter are always a big hit as dipping sauce which can be made easier if you own this appliance. So if you want all these benefits in one package, just buy a blender.

Which Blender To Buy?

You actually do not have to consider a lot of things to purchase this appliance. Just look for something efficient and also long-lasting. There are some types and variants of blenders that you will find in the market. You can choose from any one of them according to your demand and price range. Every type and variant is actually quite efficient depending on the brand. However, it’s up to you which one you like. The following are some types and variants of blenders that are available in the market and widely used by the customers.

1. Classic Blenders

If you are looking for something basic and simple, classic blenders should be on the top of your choice list. Classic blenders are the primary version of blenders. They usually have fewer functions and more traditional designs. Classic blenders are kind of old fashioned but they are quite efficient like other blenders. They have the simplest mechanism and they are not complicated to use. The best part of a classic blender is its solid performance and user-friendly functions. Almost all brands have some classic models for their blenders. There are both advantages and drawbacks to classic blenders. Following are some pros and cons of classic blenders:


  • Simple mechanism and function, so easy to use
  • Cheaper price
  • Well durable
  • Fewer chances of dysfunction


  • No preset function
  • Less versatile

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2. Professional Blenders

Want to give a professional touch in cooking? Professional blenders are there for you. Professional blenders are getting popular day by day for not only professional uses but also for home uses. Their solid performance and long-lasting durability are the main factors for the vast popularity of it. If you are not happy with your other blending outcome, it is time for you to get a professional blender. Professional blenders are made exclusively for professional purposes. That is why it is made to tolerate heavy-duty usage and perform a solid function.

The most important and significant property of a professional blender is its powerful motor. The motor literally works like a beast and totally efficient to deliver you the perfect outcome. Besides, the motor is powerful enough to have long-lasting durability. Professional blenders are usually larger in size due to avoid doing multiple batches. However, professional blenders also have some pros and cons like other blenders. Some pros and cons of professional blenders are listed below:


  • Powerful motor
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Solid performance
  • Fewer chances of dysfunction


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for a smaller amount

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3. Hand Blenders

Washing the blender jug or container is indeed a pain for all of us. How about blending your food in just any container? Like you can blend your soup in the same pot you are making it, so you don’t have to do any additional dishwashing. Sounds great, no? Hand blenders or Immersion blenders are not so old concepts. Hand blenders are the blenders which include only the motor and the blade. There is no attached jug with the blender, although some brands provide a spare container with it. It mainly aims to blend the mixture within the pot.

The motor in a hand blender is not that much power because hand blenders should be lightweight. We have to lift up and hold the blender so it needs to be light. Although it is well capable of completing your task. Let’s look at some more advantages and also some disadvantages of having a hand blender or immersion blender.


  • No additional dishwashing
  • Easier to blend
  • Cheaper price
  • Comes really handy while blending soups or baby food
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent for blending hot foods.


  • The motor is comparatively weaker
  • Chances of uneven blending

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4. Bullet Blenders

You can not be a blender fan if you haven’t heard about bullet blenders. These bullet blenders went extremely popular for its interesting shape and function. If your search for blenders is especially for smoothies, you can consider buying a bullet blender. These blenders have small bullet-shaped containers that usually yields the smoothie in a single serving size. Bullet blenders are well appreciated for their wide ranges of smoothie containers. You can actually serve your smoothie in the same container you made in. Several brands are manufacturing bullet blenders that are well appreciated by the users. Their motors are more than enough power for making a single-serve smoothie. Besides the bullet-shaped containers actually help to mix it more evenly. So it produces a faster result. However, there are few drawbacks of having a bullet blender also. Have a look at the pros and cons of the bullet blenders:


  • Superfast blending
  • Perfect for single-serve
  • Made especially for smoothies
  • You can use the blender containers as smoothie glass
  • Powerful motor


  • Unsuitable for larger batch
  • Not versatile

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5. Portable Blender

Curious about this viral internet sensation bearable blenders? Just put on a battery or connect it through any USB input, it’s ready to go. Portable blenders have been so popular for the last few years. A miniature cute device that blends your favorite smoothies without any electricity got a wide attraction. The blender actually consists of a hard plastic smoothie glass with a motor at the bottom of it. The motor is usually less powerful as it runs by a weaker electric source like a battery or USB. The blade is also tiny to fit in the smoothie glass. So these portable blenders are not that much strong enough for blending hard things like ice or hard ingredients like almonds.

Although it is quite efficient to make soft fruit smoothies like mango or watermelon. The appliance runs on battery or USB connection, which makes it truly wireless. Although there are only a few renowned brands who manufacture this blender. Nevertheless, it’s so popular among people. For example, a large number of portable blenders are sold online every day, which is more than other blenders. However, this blender has some benefits and limitations to focus, they are-


  • Portable and wireless
  • Runs without electricity
  • Perfect for fresh serve smoothies
  • The blender itself works as a smoothie glass
  • Cheap


  • Not long-lasting and durable
  • Less suitable for regular use
  • Not perfect for blending hard ingredients like almonds
  • Chances of uneven blending

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6. Smart Blender

The desire for effortless cooking? Looking for something that you can give you the perfect result? Add a smart blender to your kitchen to change your life. Smart blenders are a newer addition to the smart kitchen appliance market. Many renowned brands are looking for innovative ideas and introducing them to their blenders. The invention of smart blenders and its modern features changed the definition of kitchen appliances. You can think there is not any innovative idea to put in a blender. All it has to do is blending your ingredients. But that’s where you have mistaken.

A smart blender is capable of delivering the perfect result each time you use it. They have a digital timer so that you can set your time and blend your ingredients to perfection with absolutely no chance to undermix or overmix your ingredients. Besides, you can even control a smart blender with your smartphone to control the speed and time. Also, they all have preset functions for making your blending easier. Frozen fruits, ice creams, smoothies, etc these preset functions are actually brilliant. Even though smart blenders are quite expensive and it’s quite complicated to use. Besides, some people find it really useless and prefer to use user-friendly classic or professional blenders. Nevertheless, it is quite awesome to have such smart appliances at home. Let’s look on some pros and cons of a smart blender:


  • Timing function in a smart blender produces a perfect consistency and texture
  • No chance of undermixing or overmixing
  • Preset functions make your cooking easier and effortless


  • A smart blender is usually expensive
  • Usage of a smart blender is complicated for some people

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Blenders are indeed a life-saving companion in your everyday kitchen. You can consider any type of blender like a classic, professional or also a smart blender for making your kitchen more enriched and your cooking more comfortable. So, do not hesitate to choose your favorite type of blender.

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