Canadian Food: Iconic Canadian Foods That Were Loved Globally

Canadian Food

Canadian dishes are incredibly hearty and delicious to eat. But they are seriously underrated in other countries. Sadly, there are not so many authentic Canadian dishes that non-Canadians know of. Although, some of them have been immensely popular all over the world. They made it to the favorites list not only at the street food stalls but also at the fancy restaurants. Besides, some dishes have Canadian versions that were equally loved by the people. However, below are some iconic Canadian food that made it to the top of the world’s favorites—

1. Poutine: Canadian Food That Changed The History Of Fries

If you were to ask about your favorite Canadian food, it must be Poutine. This delicious snack is so incredible that people have a soft corner for this food all around the world. Crispy French Fries topped with flavorful gravy and cheese curds, which is as delicious as it sounds. This awesome food has a separate fan base as a game food. This fast food is incredibly tasty with the perfect crunchy texture yet super messy. The gravy is yet another incredible addition to this dish. It comes with so many different variations. So many flavorful versions such as beef, chicken, turkey gravy are the fan favorites for Poutine.

Authentic Poutine calls for cheese curd. Although it is often replaced with cubes of mozzarella cheese. But still, it tastes awesome. There are tons of different versions of this recipe that people also like. Like the baked version is another great version of this food. So it surely did change the history of fries. That is why poutine is one of the most renown Canadian food of all time.

2. Montreal Style Bagels: The Best Version Of Bagels

You certainly can not find a greater alternative of bagels other than Montreal Style Bagels. This denser, thinner and sweeter version of bagel indeed melts in your mouth. It also has a delicious and satisfying taste. People go nuts for this particular version of bagels whenever they see it on the menu. Authentic Canadian people traditionally bake it in woodfired ovens. The Montreal Style Bagels is a perfect companion with a cup of coffee. Also, a generous sprinkling of sesame seeds or poppy seeds gives it a little crunch and more delicious notes of flavor. This incredible style of bagel won so many hearts that it earned its name. So the Montreal Style Bagel is another solid example of iconic Canadian food.

3. Butter Tarts: Another Canadian Food To The Favorites List

You must admit you have been a fan of butter tarts if you have tried it once. Butter tarts are surprisingly simple to make, but boy this is incredibly delicious. I mean who wouldn’t love flaky pastry shell topped with a gooey buttery filling that melts in your mouth? Yes, the butter tart is another favorite Canadian food that you will fall in love having just the first bite. This incredible one is another traditional Canadian food that won everyone’s hearts all over the world. The small, buttery, flaky pastry shells are perfectly crunchy to complement the dense buttery filling made with butter, sugar & egg. Altogether, they provide such a rich & flavorful taste that will make this one of your favorite tarts. So, the butter tart is really another traditional Canadian food to go to our favorite’s list.

These three iconic Canadian foods are the perfect treat for you. So, do not miss them if you see them on the menu. Try them and indulge in the delicious traditional Canadian tastes.

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