Indian Food: 3 Foods You Must Order At An Indian Restaurant

Indian Food

Along with their rich & diverse culture, the Indians are also famous for their foods. Indian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Spicy foods with jam-packed flavors made their cuisine really outstanding. There are countless restaurants all over the world that feature Indian food. There is certainly no one who doesn’t struggle to choose what to order at an Indian restaurant. So here goes a list of 3 foods that you must order at an Indian restaurant.

1. Hyderabadi Biryani: Indian Food That Conquered The World

There is no doubt that Biryani is the first thing we love about India. This tasty rice dish is so full of flavor that you will feel like having a party in your mouth. Even a bad biryani tastes delicious. Indian food has countless versions varying from different regions. But the best version is definitely the Hyderabadi one. An authentic Hyderabadi biryani is made with so many spices that you will not expect such a rich, complex flavor from a rice dish. The rice is fluffy as petals. It is flavored with a generous amount of saffron, ghee & other aromatics. Hence it gives you a delightful experience. Also, it tastes more awesome with an infused flavor of the meat. On the other hand, the biryani meat has such an exquisite & rich flavor that it gives an unforgettable experience.

Tasting awesome as its own, some raita & gravy also complement the taste of Hyderabadi biryani. So do not forget to order some biryani whenever you visit an Indian restaurant.

2. Butter Chicken: The Lip-smacking Indian Food

Butter chicken is indeed an iconic dish of the Indian cuisine. It is also one of the most popular Indian food in the world. There is no Indian restaurant that does not serve butter chicken on its menu. Juicy, flavorful chicken pieces in a rich & silky smooth gravy will certainly give you a remarkable experience of taste & flavor. A dollop of cream & a chunk of butter on the top of this dish gives an incredible finishing to the dish. Besides the smoky flavor of the chicken adds another dimension to this dish. Butter chicken tastes the best accompanied by rumble roti or naan bread. It is also great with rice or pilaf. This incredible Indian dish, therefore, keeps its name for a lip-smacking Indian Food.

3. Tandoori Chicken: The Indian Favorite

This dish is a true example of Indian heritage & culture in the form of food. The Indian version of barbecue chicken is loved by everyone all around the world. Hot & spicy marinade with spot-on flavors in the chicken will certainly tingle your taste buds. The chicken remains extremely juicy in spite of grilling it on tandoor or charcoal. Also, its orange-red color contributes to making this dish look delicious. The tandoori chicken goes well with a side of raita & also a variety of Indian bread. Trust me, you will not regret even a bit ordering this dish.

So, there goes our top 3 pick for Indian food. Try them, you will be a fan of Indian food.

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