Kitchen Plants: 4 Herbs That You Can Grow In Your Own Kitchen

kitchen Plant

Indoor plants and herbs are indeed great to give a refreshing and soothing look to your home. Everybody likes the little green corner in every room, be it the balcony or even living room. Small and pretty looking plants certainly calm your tired eyes and make you more energized. Besides, it is a good habit to be surrounded by green and vibrant plants. Speaking of indoor plants, the kitchen is an excellent choice to make your own little herb garden. Such an herb garden not only refreshes your mind but also you can harvest your own herb whenever needed. There are many kitchen plants that you can grow in your mini kitchen garden, but try to choose the ones that are extremely low maintenance. Following are 4 kitchen plants or herbs that you can keep in your kitchen:

1. Mint: Kitchen Plants For Freshening Up Yourself

There are no such plants that can be as refreshing as mint. This little leafy herb can grow from the stalks or branches. You can grow this refreshing plant in any little container. This little herb does not need that much care, watering regularly is fine. Also, Mint is not that prone to insects or any diseases. So you can have some organic toxin-free mint right from your kitchen. Besides, mints act as a natural repellent for mosquitoes or any other insects. So mints can be an ideal choice for growing kitchen plants.

Kitchen Plant Mint

2. Chives: For Delicious Garnishes

We all love chives. A sprinkle of chopped chives on mashed potatoes or some Thai style food indeed elevate the looks and flavor of food. Chives can be an excellent choice for kitchen plants. You can grow chives without making your kitchen dirty because you can grow it in either soil or plain water. Soak the roots or stems for a couple of days and then transfer it to your soil. Thus, you can grow some gorgeous green chives at your kitchen.

Kitchen Plant Chives

3. Cilantro: Perfect Green Kitchen Plants At Your Home

Cilantro can be grown at home easily from coriander seeds. You can grow cilantro from its stems also. Cilantro is indeed an excellent herb for using in your food. Several cuisines like Indian or Mexican food have wide use of cilantro or coriander leaves. It adds a refreshing touch to your food. Just like that, growing cilantro in your kitchen can be so refreshing and satisfying for its vibrant light green color. Also, it is not that hard to take care of it. So cilantro or coriander leaves would be a great addition to your kitchen plant.

Kitchen Plant Cilantro

4. Thyme: For Elevated Flavor

We often use dried thyme in our cooking. But we can not skip the beautiful flavor from fresh thyme. A sprig of fresh thyme can elevate your dish to another level. So you can consider adding thyme to your kitchen plants. Thyme is indeed great for its low maintenance requirement. This small plant takes up very little space in your kitchen, so your kitchen doesn’t seem overcrowded. Also, planting themes are extremely easy in any type of soil. So, you can undoubtedly add thyme to your mini kitchen garden without any hesitation.

Kitchen Plant Thyme

These herbs are indeed great for their own flavor profiles. So if you are planning for making up your own kitchen garden, do not miss to add these herbs to your garden.

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