Kitchen Tools: 5 Basic Kitchen Tools You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Kitchen Tools

Small kitchen tools are indeed a blessing in our everyday life. Who doesn’t want to prepare their meals without any hassle? These tools can save us a huge amount of time from our everyday cooking. Peeling, cutting & chopping our food is now easier as ever with these kitchen tools. So if you do not have any handy kitchen tool, it is high time to get some. Following are 5 incredible kitchen tools that you must have in your kitchen:

1. PeelerKitchen Tools

You can not spend all your day with peeling your vegetables with your knives. It is extremely difficult to evenly peel your vegetables with a mere kitchen knife. So a kitchen peeler can rescue you from all the hassles. This basic kitchen tool has a lifetime duration, so you do not need to waste your money on expensive kitchen peelers. Just get one with which you feel comfortable. You can choose either a Y-shaped peeler or a swivel peeler to use. Find a sharp kitchen peeler with a good grip. Also, you can buy a julienne peeler to get some julienne cut vegetables effortlessly. So, this handy little tool is a must-have in every kitchen.


2. GraterKitchen Tools

The grater is another essential kitchen tool you should have in your kitchen. We often need to shred cheeses or vegetables for our cooking. So a grater comes really handy whenever we need some finely shredded food. There are several types of kitchen grater, like handheld graters, box graters or graters with a container. According to our experience, a box grater should be the ultimate choice. Handheld or container grater tend to bend and become useless. But a box grater is pretty solid and lasts forever. Look for a bulky stainless steel one for the best deal. So the grater is a true handyman in your kitchen.


3. Vegetable ChopperKitchen Tools

A vegetable chopper is one of the most popular kitchen tools in the world. From chopping onions to dicing your vegetables, a vegetable chopper is a favorite kitchen tool for everyone. There are a lot of types of vegetable choppers, but we recommend buying a basic version that is pretty durable for long time use. Solid and durable containers with stainless steel cutters should be the ones to choose from. Proper usage and maintenance can yield long-lasting durability to the vegetable chopper. So buy one without any hesitation to eradicate the annoyance of chopping vegetables.

Vegetable Chopper

4. Mandoline Slicer

A mandoline slicer is an elegant kitchen tool for slicing your vegetables and also shredding cabbages. It produces an even slicing of vegetables like potatoes to make chips or even ratatouille. Some mandoline slicers also have multiple design slices for chips. Just like the vegetable chopper, we recommend buying a durable tool with a stainless steel blade, so that it lasts forever. A mandoline slicer would indeed be a great addition to your kitchen if you like homemade chips or want to give a fancy look to your vegetable salad.

Mandoline Slicer

5. French Fry Cutter

Say goodbye to store-bought French fries by purchasing a French fry cutter. A French fry cutter is an excellent tool for not only cutting French fries but also dicing your vegetables evenly. A French fry cutter should be strong enough to be last long, so buying a commercial French fry cutter can be a good investment. The French fry cutter is also one of the most popular kitchen tools like a vegetable chopper. So buy a French fry cutter and make your own homemade French fries.

French Fry Cutter

These basic kitchen tools are indeed lifesaver for all of us. So if you don’t have any of these kitchen tools, it’s time to be smart and make your cooking more effortless than ever.

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