Pakistani Food: 3 Scrumptious Pakistani Foods To Try Out

Pakistani Food

Despite being in the Indian subcontinent, Pakistani foods differ from Indian cuisine in many aspects. They use fewer spices yet it tastes so flavorful & delicious. Pakistani foods are incredibly amazing. But it is not quite common to see Pakistani restaurants outside Pakistan. Abundant Indian restaurants everywhere have a major influence on it. Although some of them serve Pakistani food too. However, it is not impossible to find out authentic Pakistani restaurants. You can try them & find out the real Pakistani taste. There is quite a lot of Pakistani food that you will certainly enjoy. These dishes truly represent Pakistani Cuisine in all aspects. So here are three Pakistani dishes that you will definitely love:

Nihari/Paya: Authentic Pakistani Food

Say you have been at a Pakistani restaurant & never tried Nihari. You have missed the most amazing Pakistani dish ever. Nihari is beef or lamb legs slow-cooked for a long time. It yields such an unbelievably flavorful soup that will blow your mind. This particular dish is indeed delicious. Hence it is the best selling dish at any Pakistani restaurant. Simple & very few ingredients but such complex flavor in a mere soup will surprise your mind. Besides, the bones are cooked to extreme tenderness. You can pull off the tendons with your fingers. It tastes amazing on its own. But naan roti or any soft bread are the best companions of this dish. This dish will certainly win your heart once you try it.

Chapli Kebab: Jam Packed Meaty Flavor

Chapli Kabab is another name of bold meaty flavors. It is actually beef patties with a huge fat content & simple spices deep fried in an extremely hot wood fire. Chapli kebab is scrumptious in its every aspect. The kebab is so juicy and decadent. It can make a way better replacement of hamburger patties. This amazing Pakistani food is also a hit item at every Pakistani restaurant. It is a hit even at Indian restaurants. The chapli kebab goes well with any type of roti or paratha. Do not miss this amazing dish if you happen to find chapli kebabs anywhere around you.

Karahi Gosht: Not A Mere Pakistani Food

Karahi Gosht is also a fan favorite dish of Pakistan. It is cooked with any type of meats. Chicken, beef or mutton, all types of karahi gosht are quite famous. It is basically a dry curry with the use of different spices. It will give you one of the best curry experience you ever had. This simple curry dish is also a common item at every Pakistani restaurant. Karahi Gosht is also a popular dish in India. They have their own version in Indian restaurants. But the authentic Karahi Gosht will simply win your hearts over the Indian version. Unlike Nihari or Chapli Kebab, Karahi Gosht can be eaten with rice-based side dishes. Although it goes great with any type of flatbread also. So if you are craving for some curry, try Karahi Gosht.

These three dishes are the pride of Pakistani food. So these foods are must-try dishes. Do try them to discover the true flavor of Pakistan.

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