Pressure Cookers: For Quicker & Effortless Cooking

Pressure cooker

In this busy world, we always look for quick solutions for everything. Despite being one of the most important activities of our daily life, cooking is no exception from that. All of us opt for some short cut cooking to fuel our body. So the demand for quicker alternatives to cooking is increasing day by day. Speaking of fast cooking, the name of one appliance pops in everyone’s mind. That appliance is none other than a pressure cooker. Although some people doubt buying a pressure cooker to avoid extra maintenance. So we are going to focus on different aspects of pressure cookers & find out if they are worth buying.

What Is A Pressure Cookers?

A pressure cooker is simply, the cookware or appliance which cooks your food at a raised pressure level. Either electric or stovetop, it is a cooker that aims to cook your food a lot faster than any other cooking process. It works by a complex mechanism called steam pressure, which is elaborated below:

How Pressure Cookers Works

Basically, a pressure cooker is a sealed pot that holds back the steam to escape. Instead, it utilizes the steam to increase the pressure within the pot. So, the steaming point of water rises above the normal range. Hence the water steams at a temperature as high as 248F, which tenderizes & cooks the food faster than normal. As a result, you can cook more quickly in a pressure cooker than a normal cookware. To avoid an explosion of the cooker, the steam is released at a regular interval by a pressure release valve. So it becomes safe to use for everyone.

Benefits Of Pressure Cookers

There is nothing new to say that the main advantage of this cooker is faster cooking. But having a pressure cooker in your kitchen can give you a lot more benefits than you can imagine. Have a look at the advantages of this cooker and see yourself:

  • It saves a major part of your cooking time
  • As it cooks faster, it saves a lot of electricity or gas which is more cost-effective.
  • Pressure cooking kills more bacteria than normal as it cooks at a higher temperature.
  • It does not affect the nutrition of food except heat-sensitive nutrients like Vitamin C. Although Vitamin C is destroyed even in any type of cooking.
  • It does not affect the flavor & taste of the food. 

That is why a pressure cooker is indeed beneficiary for your kitchen. There is certainly no point in not buying a pressure cooker. So, do not skip this amazing cooker in your kitchen.

How To Use A Pressure Cooker?

Using a pressure cooker is quite simple. First, we need to know the suitable cooking procedure for this cooker. Remember, you can not deep fry anything in pressure cookers. Also, it is not quite wise to saute anything in this cooker. On the other hand, it is not technically possible to stir fry anything in it. So that lifts us with boiling, streaming & braising, for which pressure cookers are perfect. You should not overfill the cooking pot. Try to keep one-third of the cooking pot empty. Even if you are braising, make sure to keep an adequate amount of water. So, the cooker can produce enough steam to create higher pressure. Another important guideline is, do not seal the pressure release valve. Otherwise, your pressure cooker may explode. You can set the pressure point of some pressure cookers, so choose the pressure point accordingly.

There is no such hassle in cleaning pressure cookers. For stovetop pressure cookers, it is as simple as cleaning regular cookware. But in an electric pressure cooker, it is slightly tougher to clean. Although that will not be a problem if you buy one with dishwasher safe removable parts. So no minus point in handling this efficient kitchen appliance.

Pressure cookers are indeed a blessing of modern technology. So do not miss out & buy one for your kitchen.

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