Russian Food: 3 Most Popular Foods Of Russian Cuisine

Russian Food

Despite being the largest country in the world, the food culture of Russia is not that much known to everyone. The Russian food culture is quite rich considering the diversity of food from different regions. Different climate conditions in different regions have played a role in their food culture. But the Russian cuisine solely derives from both ancient rural & royal foods. Simple ingredients with mild flavors are the main characteristics of Russian food. A wide variety of soups, porridges, meat dishes & desserts have enriched the Russian cuisine. But only a few of them could manage to be renowned all over the world. Although some of their foods are the true example of refined culinary techniques & aristocracy. However, we have listed the 3 most popular Russian food that was beloved all over the world. Here it goes—

1. Chicken A La Kiev: A Piece Of Buttery Goodness On Your Plate

There are a few food lovers in the world that haven’t heard the name of Chicken Kiev. Chicken A La Kiev is a traditional Russian recipe. It features boneless chicken meat with a herb butter center with a breadcrumb coating. The chicken and breadcrumb crust seals the herb butter center so it does not come out while cooking. It is an excellent example of refined culinary techniques on a plate of food. The herb butter center is like lava when you cut into the chicken. The chicken remains so juicy and tender for the butter that you do not need any additional sauce or gravy to eat this. Besides, the breadcrumb crust is super crunchy. It adds a great texture to the recipe.

Chicken Kiev is quite tough to make. You will need expert cooking skills to pull off this recipe. But every part of this dish is worth trying. This dish tastes great accompanied by some warm mashed potatoes & sautéed vegetables. Chicken A La Kiev is a fan favorite at many fine-dining restaurants. So, do not miss out on this elegant creation of food whenever you see it on any menu.

2. Pirozhki: The Favorite Snack Of Russian Food

Pirozhki is another popular Russian food that is actually a Russian version of empanadas. It is, in fact, a Russian meat donut with different meat fillings. It can be made with beef, chicken or even pork meat. Pirozhki is a popular snack in Russia and even all over the world. This savory version of a donut is loved by everyone and it is a popular item at any street food stall. It is indeed an awesome fast food & everyone loves the mild flavor of this donut. Containing meat filling & yeast dough, the Pirozhki is a complete food. You can also have this food for your lunch or dinner. But it is popular as a go-to food to have a bite on busy weekdays. If you have not tried out this awesome snack yet, do not miss it. You will certainly love it.

3. Beef Stroganoff: The Hearty Russian Food

There is no home cook that has not tried to make stroganoff yet. Stroganoff is delicious Russian food that you must have been known of. This hearty curry is so creamy and decadent that you will love it at the first bite. This delicious curry is packed with so much flavor yet super-light to eat. Beef stroganoff is popularly served with pasta or spaghetti. The creamy & flavorful sauce goes so well with the pasta. Tender pieces of beef will give you the best Russian food experience. It is an absolute favorite item for family dinners or any gourmet restaurants. So, try out beef stroganoff. We are sure you will love this hearty dish.

So, these 3 Russian food are intensely flavorful & equally tasty to eat. If you think of experiencing Russian food culture, do try these 3 foods. You will surely know how great Russian cuisine is!

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