Smart Kitchen: A Brilliant Innovation For Effortless Cooking

Smart Kitchen Hub

Technology has reached to a great extent; it has indeed developed our lifestyle and activities. There is no sector that hasn’t got the magic touch of technology. Kitchen is not an exception in that. New innovations have made our kitchen life a comfortable and enjoyable one. We have been introduced to a new concept called “Smart Kitchen”. Many new inventions and ideas have helped us to make our cooking time more enjoyable. Among them, Smart Kitchen Hub has been a great example of innovation and efficiency.

What is Smart Kitchen?

A smart kitchen is not that new concept to us, the introduction of smart technologies and ideas have made our kitchen smarter and more user-friendly. In a word, a smart kitchen is a kitchen which promotes an easier and comfortable life. Your kitchen will make your lifestyle easier by helping you to prepare your food more effortlessly and also in less time. It is certainly a blessing to our life.

Smart Kitchen

How Can You Build Up A Smart Kitchen?

You can also turn your kitchen into a smart kitchen. Firstly, you can be creative about organizing and using new ideas to make your kitchen easier to approach. Also, you can install and introduce smart kitchen appliances in your kitchen. Smart kitchen appliances are more efficient and user-friendly than the usual kitchen appliances. You can purchase several products like a food processor, or a blender to make your food preparation easier. Overall, a smart kitchen includes everything that promotes healthy, effortless and faster food preparation.

How A Smart Kitchen Makes Your Life Easier?

The best part about smart kitchen is, you have to put literally zero effort on your kitchen. Maintaining a smart kitchen is actually quite easy compared to a normal kitchen. You have to do almost nothing to prepare the ingredients. Because modern technology has introduced automatic appliances that make it easier to prepare ingredients. Also, you can ensure a healthy environment by managing a neat and clean kitchen.

A smart kitchen also promotes an enjoyable cooking session. As previously said, we spend a good amount of time in the kitchen every day. Besides, the time we spend in our kitchen is valuable in terms of our family and personal interest. So, our cooking time should be enjoyable and comfortable. Our everyday meal planning and cooking solely depend on our time and mood. So it’s important to make our kitchen time a quality time. Also, it is equally important to sort out things and keep track of your kitchen time. So the introduction of modern technologies to your kitchen is important to actually make your life easier. There are varieties of products that can help you to build up a smart kitchen.

What Are The Smart Kitchen Appliances?

As previously said, the main component of a smart kitchen is smart appliances. Modern technology has blessed us with many creative and smart appliances which make our life truly effortless. These smart appliances aim for automatic function and user-friendly usage. For example- an Alexa-activated coffee maker makes your coffee automatically whenever you set the time for it. Isn’t it great? You do not have to waste some extra time making your coffee for breakfast or at any time. On the other hand, a connected blender can give you the idea of nutrition as you add the ingredient. So you can get an idea of you much do you need or how good the ingredient is. You do not have to search for the nutrition list yourself. Also, we can mention about smart microwave oven, which you can control with a smartphone.

Smart refrigerators as a kitchen appliance are already popular in the world. Nowadays the refrigerators are even capable of giving you weather update or other essential briefings like these refrigerators can list out the ingredients that it contains. Smart appliances make our life easier in other different aspects. It can eradicate the boredom of cooking by providing other sources of entertainment. Like there are smart appliances that can play music for us. The best part about smart appliances is they are not that much costly. Almost all smart appliances are in an affordable price range just like conventional kitchen appliances. There are definitely some smart appliances that are quite expensive, but still worth the money. For example, there is a creative smart appliance that can diminish the monopoly of your cooking time. And that’s how the concept of Smart Kitchen Hub arises.

What Is Smart Kitchen Hub?

A Smart Kitchen Hub is another smart kitchen appliance that is invented to promote an enjoyable kitchen time. The concept of a Smart Kitchen Hub is so innovative and interesting that it made a huge impact on the smart kitchen appliance industry. Some appliances have already launched their versions of smart kitchen hubs to the market. It is indeed a brilliant and creative kitchen appliance that can make your life more enjoyable.

What Are The Main Features Of A Smart Kitchen Hub?

A Smart Kitchen Hub is actually an exhaust vent which is placed above the stove. Now you can ask how a silly exhaust vent can make our life more enjoyable. That’s where the innovation is. This simple exhaust vent is not simple anymore, it is now a great source of entertainment and recreation. The exhaust vent contains a giant screen to let you watch videos and provide an extra entertainment source outside your living room. Your time in the kitchen may get boring due to all these monotonous cooking and household working. So it is an excellent innovation to actually let you become multifunctional and efficient. It is quite obvious that if you can enjoy what you are doing then you will be more efficient in your work. This product focuses on bringing the living room to your kitchen so that you enjoy your kitchen time.

Kitchen Hub
Smart Kitchen Hub

This creative appliance can provide you with various entertainment options like Netflix, Youtube, etc. You can even stream Spotify and listen to your favorite music. We can not always make time for our recreation and entertainment due to our busy life. This appliance lets you watch your favorite show while cooking. That is indeed a great example of multifunctional working. Besides, it eradicates the boredom of cooking.

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Why Is It Called A “Smart Kitchen Hub”?

The main reason to call it smart is that this appliance can be controlled by Google assistant. It is Wi-Fi enabled and can receive command through voice. You can do multiple tasks with this appliance like making a grocery list, planning your meal, or look for recipes. A kitchen hub can also let you control other home devices like thermostats, lights, etc. The most interesting part of a hub is its camera. Most of the kitchen hubs have an overhead camera that can be used for video calling and other functions. And since it is actually an exhaust vent, it performs like a normal exhaust vent. Overall, it kind of a mixture of a TV and exhaust vent.

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How Does It Work?

A Smart Kitchen Hub works just like a smartphone device with an exhaust vent. It has a giant display which is actually a touchscreen display. You can give the command by scrolling and touching, but also you can give command through your voice. You can use Google Assistant or even Alexa to give command to your kitchen hub. The Kitchen Hub is run by Wi-Fi and it can control other smart devices in the house. For example, you can command your hub to brew coffee for you, and readymade hot coffee will be ready in your smart coffee maker. Likewise, you can command your hub to control your smart washing machine or air conditioner. Besides, you can command your exhaust vent to turn on the fan or other commands. All these commands can also be given through the touchscreen display. This device has multiple apps and features that provide you recipes and information. Almost all kitchen hubs have one or more cameras mounted to the display and also the exhaust vent depending on the brand and model. That helps you to run video calls and also let others see what you are cooking.

Should You Buy A New Innovation in Smart Kitchen Hub?

It is quite relative totally depending on your preferences and ability. Buying a smart kitchen hub can both benefit you and cause some troubles. The whole concept is kind of weird to some people. Although the purpose and implementation of this device have been widely appreciated. You can make the decision of buying it looking at the benefits and demerits of this appliance. Following are some points that will help you to make the decision:


  • Extra source of entertainment
  • Helps to reduce boredom in the kitchen
  • Promotes easier cooking by providing recipes and stuff
  • You can simultaneously cook and watch your favorite show
  • More chances to connect with your distant family and friends through a video call
  • Saves your time so that you can give more time to your other works


  • Expensive
  • Possibility of grease splash on the screen
  • May spoil the attention of cooking

There are several companies that produce this appliance. So their features may vary depending on the brands. The pros and cons can also alter depending on the brands. But the whole concept is so much interesting and actually effective for efficient cooking time. In our opinion, the Smart Kitchen Hub is quite worth the hype. However, it is your choice if you will install this appliance to your kitchen.

Usage And Maintenance Of A Smart Kitchen Hub

As previously said, this appliance has several pros and cons, so you have to use this appliance keeping these in mind. You can operate is like a smartphone or smart TV. There is actually not that much hassle to take care of this appliance. You can effortlessly run this appliance and enjoy your cooking. You can use the apps and other features to find recipes, get the weather update, stream Netflix or Spotify, etc. Overall, it is actually very easy to use.

Although you may need to do some maintenance and take some precautions while using this kitchen hub. We have mentioned in the cons section that as the device is set above the stove, it may get seriously greasy and schmutzy. So the touchscreen might be affected by the grease. You have to clean it regularly so that it doesn’t get greasy and you do not have to wash your hands every time after touching the display. You also have to make sure the cooking area and cooktop don’t get moist. As the exhaust vent is supposed to take all the smokes, moisture and grease, it can affect the touchscreen. So you have to keep that in your mind. Also, you should keep it out of reach of children. Children may accidentally damage your device. In total, the usage and maintenance of this Kitchen Hub are pretty easy if you take some precautions and take regular care.

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Buying A Smart Kitchen Hub

Buying a Kitchen Hub can be very tricky because it is actually a completely new concept and very few people have used this appliance till now. Besides, very few brands produce this appliance. Hence, there are actually fewer options for you to choose from. Although the concept is getting popular and more renowned brands are planning to launch this appliance. So, don’t miss out this awesome appliance. After researching and profound testing, we have found some kitchen hubs that we actually like. So you can try one of them, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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